your mission is not what you think

I went to my new local park for the first time yesterday. It was strange going somewhere that I don’t know like the back of my hand. To not know where all the hidden treasures lie. To not have a favourite spot that always calls out to me. To not have a tree that I’ve… 

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bury 030

what lights you up?

It’s been a full on photography week. For a variety of reasons. Yesterday was a client shoot. The weather wasn’t great. It was grey and overcast, and eventually started to rain. I was taking photographs of what was required but the images weren’t singing to me. A latte and a very nice piece of carrot… 

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see things your way

As I was standing by the side of the canal the other day, having spotted the tiny white flowers in the photograph below, another walker passed by. From his perspective, I was probably a nut with a camera staring at a prickly hedge. I could almost hear his thoughts whirring away! (I may have imagined… 

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whittle 036

which lens do you focus through?

In my explorations of a new local area I’ve been going out and about with my camera. On the first day I took my wide angle lens and concentrated on wider views, the landscape, different scenes, capturing as much as I could within a single frame. You might call it the big picture. Today I… 

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exploring new avenues

Over the weekend I explored a rather tempting looking branch of the local canal. I’d driven by a number of times but hadn’t had chance to put my wellies on and have a proper look see. I love being out early. I enjoy the peace but especially the amazing light that you get at that… 

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