We often spend great chunks of our lives believing we are flawed. Something must be wrong with us and therefore to be fixed. We search for the answer. We look to others to wave a magic wand and heal us or to put things right. We abdicate responsibility for our selves to someone else.

I’ve done this.

Eventually I came to the realisation that there was nothing wrong with me. I was just different in my own way and began to learn to accept those differences as an inherent part of who I am. Somewhere along the way I started to learn about essence and that was really the key.

Increasingly I felt an urge to peel away all the layers I’d surrounded myself with over the years. To dispense with other people’s wisdom and tune into my own. To subscribe to a crazy, quirky philosophy of life unique to me.

I dabbled in wholeness. I identified a cycle of stages that I dipped in and out of, time after time. I later discovered this was nothing new and Joseph Campbell talked about something similar. I talked about heart and soul, flow, being in the zone before finally reaching essence.

Initially, this was work related. And, digital essence was born as I helped clients align their on and offline presence. Then I saw how it fitted into other aspects of my professional life and, of course, how it flowed into every area of life. So, it evolved to become everyday essence. Because essence isn’t for Sunday best or special occasions but for today, the big stuff and the small stuff, the important as well as insignificant things of life.

everyday essence is for life, work, business, you, everyone

everyday essence is you (and me) with nothing added and nothing taken away.

It’s about our journey back to ourselves. It’s simple and all about ease and flow. Letting go and allowing. Often the very things we struggle with and spend a lifetime learning how to address.

In our essence lies our genius, our potential, the gifts we have to share with the world. When we’re in the element of our essence we shine.

everyday essence is about my own personal quest and lifelong learning to connect to my soul signature.

I’m still exploring this landscape. I don’t have all the answers and my answers might not be yours. There are as many types of essence as there are people in the world. I have a theory that, the more we connect to our own essence, the closer we will come to creating a world where everyone finds their way home.