in the presence of genius

I just want to be inspired.

Immortal words. From this film. I always want to be inspired.

Something magical happens when you’re inspired. You’re connecting with genius. Your own and someone else’s. A chemical reaction is taking place as two energies blend. Usually it’s a wavelength thing. You’re vibrating at an almost identical frequency and it doesn’t take much from there to achieve a perfect alignment.

What’s especially brilliant about inspiration is that it stays with you. I’ve left meetings feeling uplifted, and conversations, ideas and the simple presence of someone else has stayed with me for days, often weeks. I’ve waxed lyrical about them on so many occasions. I’ve referred others to them, I’ve shared their stories.

Inspiration begets inspiration. It touches us. I think it has to do with seeing someone else’s genius. Because it shows us just what we are capable of being and doing ourselves. It urges us to stretch beyond our limitations, to do those things we think we can’t, to be all we can be and more.

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the essence of a website

My area of special interest has, for a long time, been all things internet. I started coding websites back in the dim and distant past when the web was shiny and new, and have loved the techie side of design since then. Over time, the edges between essence and internet blurred and crossed over.

These days I can’t help myself when someone asks me to look at their website. The possibilities are endless but, mostly, what I’m looking for is essence, at least a vestige of it.

We seem to find it hard to be ourselves on our websites and I count myself in that number. It’s an ebb and flow. Sometimes it’s easy, other times it’s nigh on impossible. I’ve seen people redesign their websites umpteen times in their quest for some indefinable quality that says done or perfect or complete or acceptable. That state of affairs is fleeting. One day the website can be a vision to behold, the next day we want to tear it down. A website can evidence our frailties, even our state of mind.

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